Get This Guy Outta Here!

Albert 'I-don't-even like-Black-women' Haynesworth showed up at DC Superior Court last week holding hands with a non-Black woman to be tried for inappropriately groping a Black woman, which again, he doesn't like (or date), but apparently will disrespect in a public setting.

I wonder how the conversation with his non-Black girlfriend went when she learned of the charge?

Don't worry. We'll keep it G-rated.

"Albert, did you touch that waitress"?

We may never know what answer he gave, or why a woman would stay with a man who allegedly does such things (oh, wait -- it's probably the $41 million he obtained from the Redskins). What we do know is what he said enroute to his morning court appointment -- in the midst of several swarming reporters who earnestly awaited his arrival.

When asked by reporters if he had any comment, the former Redskin, currently a New England Patriot defensive tackle (who still hasn't practiced this training camp) said, "Go Patriots."

Haynesworth pled no contest to a charge of misdemeanor simple assault, avoiding trial on a more serious charge -- misdemeanor sexual abuse.

He was put on 18 months propation (like he can stay out of trouble for 18 months) and must perform community service work.

Haynesworth already faced road-rage and reckless driving charges and may face additional reprimand from the NFL for violating the league's Code of Conduct policy, which probably has a 'no inappropriate sliding of credit cards down the front of a waitress' outter wear' clause.

Get this guy (and those like him) outta here!