Could Concussions Be Linked to 'Personality Disorders'?

We posted last week about more findings coming out about the affects of concussions on players. Now we learn that another professional footbal player has been diagnosed with a behavioral disorder.

Miami Dolphin wide receiver has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), a disorder caused by a range of events from childhood sexual abuse, to traumatic events, to genitics.  (If you get tackled enough in the NFL in the wrong place (mainly the head), we'd bet the farm that would constitute a traumatic event).

Marshall plans to bring his condition to the forefront - documentary style.  His documentary, 'The Borderline Beast', will chronicle his treatment sessions as he embarks on a road to a much wanted, and much needed, 'recovery'.

Marshall told reporters a press conference today that his symptoms began in 2006, the beginning of his rookie year in the NFL.

Brandon's troubles off the field began shortly thereafter included several domestic disputes with his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall, which included Nogami stabbing Marshall in the stomach.

"I would have thrown away my career, and there was a good possibility my life. I’m still suffering from the consequences of this. Another reason why I am so passionate it is because I may lose my wife still and that hurts me. I am a very passionate person", Marshall said.

Apparently, Marshall's 'passion' includes beating up his then girlfriend, now wife, and being involved in a fight that led to the 2007 drive-by slaying of Darrent Williams, a teammate of Marshalls when they both played for the Denver Broncos.

To reporters, Marshall said, “The longer that BPD, Borderline Personality Disorder, goes untreated the worse it gets as you all have seen my life publicly.”

Get well Brandon. Get well.