Athletes' Hurricane Irene Tweets

Hurricane Irene pounded the Eastern seaboard on Saturday leaving thousands of people without power. For some, however, their trusty cell phones allowed them to still reach out and touch their fans, via Twitter.

Check out some interesting athlete tweets about the hurricane that for some was a monster, and for others, not so much.

Here's what Washington Redskin Donte Stallworth tweeted.

His teammate, Adam Carriker, had a couple tweets we also liked.

Here's another from Carriker. . .

He propably meant to write 'news', but just miss typed.

Washington Mystic Monique Currie reports that DC streets are a bit deserted. Quite the contrast after last week's earthquake when DC employees filled the streets wondering what was happening.

She also tweets what happens when we're inside all day waiting for a Hurricane to pass.

Those are a few that we found. For more athlete tweets about Hurricane Irene click here.


Anonymous said…
Glad everyone in the DMV made it thru.
mywordisbond said…
Sept 11 anniversary and we got hurricanes, earthquakes... what next?