Out At Redskins Park: Right Roster Moves?

The Washington Redskins aren't wasting any time now that the ghost of the NFL lockout is in the past.

They're making roster moves to the helm. The team retains #89, wide receiver Santana Moss to the tune of $15 million in 3-yr deal complete with a $5 million signing bonus and $6 million guaranteed, reports ESPN.

The team traded defensive end Jeremy Jarmon for Denver's free agent wide receiver Jabar Gaffney. On the move Gaffney remarked, "It feels good to be wanted."

Wanted also explains Donovan McNabb's current status (after not being wanted by Washington any longer). McNabb will 'take his talent' to Minnesota in exchange for Washington receiving a 2012 sixth-round draft pick, and a conditional sixth-round pick for 2013.

Washington will go with John Beck as their starting quarterback.

The Skins will miss Santonio Holmes (we think Holmes made the right decision), but did agree to add Donte' Stallworth, for at least a year, to the current roster.

Stallworth said he just "wants an opportunity". The Redskins are providing that to former Raven wide receiver who set out the 2009 season after being suspended on a felony manslaughter DUI conviction while playing with the Cleveland Browns.

In 2010, as a Raven, Stallworth sustained a foot injury during the season. He caught two passes.

My, the NFL is place for second, third and .... chances.