Snyder's Op-Ed: Should He Have Opted Out?

With two more days till the NFL Draft, we've got yet another day of Dan Snyder adding to the growing list of reasons that sports fans near and far say make him a, well, not so nice guy.

Most of us feel it's our duty to challenge others when we think they have wronged us, and Daniel M. Snyder is no different. He still wants to sue the Washington City Paper for wrongful and slanderous statements he claims were made against him -(Man, will this ever go away?).

He explains in an op-ed piece in today's Washington Post titled 'Why I am suing Washington City Paper' that the case needed to be refiled in Washington, not New York, for legal reasons; the rest of the complaint is essentially the same.

Snyder goes on to write: "I expect to be criticized once again for pursuing this lawsuit. I originally filed it for one reason: The paper refused to issue an apology and retract false and damaging attacks on my integrity. If it had done so, there would have been no lawsuit."

Here's what stemmed the lawsuit and why Snyder feels he was wronged.

The City Paper stands by their decision to go up against the mammoth sports franchise owner and has started its own legal defense fund to help defray the cost.

On the City Paper's web site it states: "We think the value of our paper will survive this lawsuit, and we intend to fight it vigorously. We have truth on our side and, as the last few days have made clear, we are grateful to have the public on our side as well."

The organization has scheduled an NFL Draft day media availability for tomorrow. The team has the 10th overall Draft pick, but you can be sure there will be numerous questions about Dan Snyder.

For all the things he's done right, including helping a little league team earlier this month restock their inventory after vandalls burned a shed and team equipment, the so-called 'bad' just keeps outweighing his good deeds.

Meanwhile, despite a judge's ruling ending the NFL's lockout, Redskin players thinking it was now safe to return to work, were told otherwise when they showed up at Redskins Park today.

Both Lorenzo Alexander (arriving in a Toyota Prius) and Anthony Armstrong showed up at their place of employment and were told by staff to basically get outta there.

"The legal jargon and stuff sometimes can be very complicated," Alexander said. "Just went in there, it was not a scene or nothing. Just talked to me real quick, so I picked up my mail and I'll go work out now where I've been training at."

Teammate Anthony Armstrong recalls his visit to Redskins Park: "It was a little weird," Armstrong told the AP. "It felt like you were sneaking into the club or something like that, and they knew you weren't supposed to be in there but they hadn't done anything about it yet. Just a little awkward. Just wish you get in there and so some real live work, looking at film, getting on the field."

Get on the field they did. Organized by London Fletcher, several players hosted their own workout session at a nearby high school.

Gee, looks like they're now like the rest of us regular Americans - almost. Wanting to work, but can't find a job.

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RobFeez said…
Snyder is a cancer to this team and to the sport of football.