Snyder Speaks on City Paper Suit. City Paper Speaks To Us.

In a rare interview, Redskins owner Dan Snyder speaks on 106.7 The Fan about why he feels he needs to sue the Washington City Paper after their article surfaced last year.

"All we want is an apology and a correction", said Snyder. "It's not a complex situation."

Snyder accused the paper of making fun of his Jewish heritage, and his wife Tanya, who is a breast cancer survivor.

"Have the decency to not make fun of someone's wife who's efforts are pure", exclaimed Snyder.

After reading the article, one can conclude that Mrs. Snyder really wasn't made fun of. Dave McKenna, the columnist who wrote the piece, merely quoted Mrs. Snyder from a TV show where Mrs. Snyder said her husband had surrounded himself with "better people", and "he's grown and evolved."

That's not especially a bad thing. If not her, than who better (than Snyder himself) to promote his 'good nature'.

For that, and pointing out some not so favorable items, Snyder wants an apology from the paper his lawsuit called a "tabloid".

The Washington City Paper is not backing down, planning to apologize (at least not any time soon), nor does it appreciate being called "a tabloid".

In an email from WCP, exclusively to DC UrbanSports, they describe the paper as:

A "30-year old alternative weekly newspaper and online destination site that reports "on local news and politics, sports, arts and entertainment, urban development, and food for people living and working in Washington DC."

The publication prints "70,000 (excuse me, 72,286) copies weekly to D.C. and near-by suburbs of Maryland and Virginia", and is circulated and picked up "in retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, apartment buildings and streetboxes".

Says the publisher, "We believe in our mission to deliver top-notch originally reported stories, ... and we love what we do.

People read WCP "because they want to read it."

City Paper who? For those who claim they aren't aware, now you know.


Anonymous said…
If Dan is going to sue everyone for saying something he doesn't like, then sites like don't stand a chance.