Athlete of the Week (Week, Week!): DeSean Jackson

Philly Eagle wide receiver DeSean Jackson and a few of his teammates made a special visit to a young kid who was being bullied by his peers.

Nadin Khoury, who admitted being scared for his life, was beaten up, dragged through the streets, put in a tree and then hung from a fencepost by seven schoolmates and no one came to his rescue.

That is until Jackson heard about it.

Not only did Jackson offer Khoury his teammates as protection, he took off his jersey and gave the 13 year-old Eagles fan an officially autographed jersey.

"Anytime you need us, I got two linemen right here", said Jackson.

Watch the surprise visit, and Khoury's message to others who are being bullied.

This is dear to me as I recall a young student - who was being bullied by students for being overweight - telling me her principal said "there was nothing he could do", after she went to him with her concern.

Bullying is a serious epidemic in this country, leaving our young people at risk.

We should never take bullying lightly. Especially school officials.

Join our campaign to stop bullying now: Talk to your kids. Tell them that bullying is unacceptable. And has negative consequences!


CherylA said…
This is a moving piece. The positive work of athletes should continue to be put on the national spotlight.

We all know their downfalls are.

Thanks for posting this.
Jessie1244 said…
Good post. Vick given accolades, Jackson should be noted for his work (without dog killing).