Ted Leonsis' Happiness Can't Be Stopped!

Leonsis sits behind a personally autographed pile of his new book: The Business of Happiness: 6 Secrets To Extraordinary Success. Photo/CD Brown

Internet and sports titan, Ted Leonsis joined SAIC’s new CEO, Walt Havenstein today at an event at the Ritz Carlton where the two, representing very different sectors, discussed their own philosophies of how to be successful.

Who better qualified to show us how to be successful than the man who walks the walk, talks the talk, and wrote a book on the subject, than Ted Leonsis?

His new book, The Business of Happiness: 6 Secrets to Extraordinary Success in Life, admonishes us set goals, actively participate in our communities, show gratitude (even during the bad times), find an outlet of expression, give back, and have a higher calling.

Leonsis writes in his book, "...becoming a happy and successful person was not foreordained. There was nothing inevitable about it. It was a long learning process; a process of discovery." Adding, "It took me a quarter of a century to connect these dots ... to a formula for achieving happiness."

In his short, succinct way of speaking (read here, and you'll know what I mean), Leonsis said of the event today, "I'm impressed with how many businessmen and members of the community where able to show up in three hours for this event."

Leonsis and his happiness-know-how began to rub off on the day's attendees as several people we interviewed told us they were encouraged to complete tasks they've started (a.k.a. bucket lists), volunteer, and just learn to be happier.

"It's not about the money", said one attendee. "It's also about giving to others that makes me happy."

Attendees included, among other titans in their own rights, a bank president, and an AOL employee (the other business that Ted help build).

Leonsis currently owns all the happiness one man in one city can handle. He owns the Wizards. He owns the Caps. He owns the Mystics, (admitting that the injuries of the players, as they begin this season, worries him just a tad).

When we asked if there are any other sports teams he plans to purchase, he laughed and replied, "No!"

With all the empires of Leonsis, one could hardly imagine building just one (or two) more would be a bit much for this time-tested, happy, overachiever to handle.

Leonsis to be honored June 9th by the Northern Virginia Technology Council with the Michael G. Devine Hall of Fame Award at the Annual Technology CFO Awards.