Skins Mini-Camp: Part III

Not much reported, but QB D-Nab shares his thoughts on this weekend's mini-camp at Redskins Park.

“It was fun. I used it as a mental weekend of being able to get accustomed in the offense, working with the guys to make sure we focus a lot on chemistry and timing. Communication and patience is very important in this offense. A weekend like this is important for us and hopefully we can benefit from it.”

On being new to the Redskins:
“The guys are very welcoming and I try to display great work ethic by studying and watching film and also training with these guys. For our beginning stage, at this first mini-camp, I think it was beneficial for us to get out here and move around and get adjusted to each other. All of us feel like we’re just starting class and learning a new system, but it’s fun. It’s fun to think that we’ve shown signs in this camp of a lot of positive plays, both running and passing. It makes it more exciting each time we step out on the field.”