Own A Piece of History. For Only $5.

In With The New. Out With The Old.

As the new Washington Redskins season brings new changes, pieces of the past are being made available - for just $5.

As you probably know the Redskins have installed two new “punter-proof” video boards at each of the end zones at FedEx Field.

The screens, 100-feet wide, state-of-the-art high definition LED displays -- will triple the size of the existing end zone video displays. In addition, screens will enhance the fans’ game-day experience with all-new game clocks, play clocks and other in-stadium video displays.

The new LED boards will be approximately 30-feet high and 100-feet wide, replacing the existing analog board, which were 24 feet high and 29 feet wide.

What to do with the old video boards?

Sell them!

The FedExField JumboTron, known to many fans as the “Lite Brite,” installed in 1997, is now in pieces, and the Redskin organization is making these "priceless components" available to fans at this year's Draft Day Party at FedExField on Saturday, April 24. All the proceeds will benefit the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation.

A piece of the original Washington Redskins Jumbotron - aka The Light Brite. Circa 1997. On sale now for $5. [Photo/CD Brown]

“Once the JumboTrons were removed and we saw how they broke down into these pieces, we thought that fans might like to have them as souvenirs,” Redskins Chief Operating Officer Dave Donovan said. “We realized that this was an opportunity for this outdated technology to do some good, and for fans to get a piece of FedExField history that they could take home with them.”

Chris Cooley introduced the pieces of history today during Thursday media day and said he welcomes the new JumboTron.

“The old JumboTron never did me and my fellow teammates any justice. I am looking forward to seeing our highlights on the new High Definition Board.”