Forget The Past, "I'm A Redskin."

McNabb Enters Washington Assured And Ready. Tells Philly, "Thanks For The Eleven Years."

Donovan McNabb. Officially A Washington Redskin. [Photo: CD Brown]

Addressing the media, but not really addressing why he and Philly parted ways, except to say that "I'm glad that its over", Donovan McNabb was introduced yesterday as #5 of the Burgundy and Gold.

"I would have loved to have stayed in Philly, but I'm a Redskin now, expressed the 33year old."

McNabb's agent, Fletcher Smith, explained that while other teams where considered Washington was the best decision.

"When we looked at all the teams - and the Washington Redskins - it was because of Shanahan and the success that he's had over his career; and the success that he's had with John Elway - in particular - it just made Washington a very attractive place for Donovan."

Sporting a brown, vested suit with blue dress shirt and rust orange colored tie, McNabb said he felt like he was in the NFL draft again. "It's a new start, I feel like I'm twenty-two again."

McNabb ended an 11 year career with the Philadelphia Eagles. Some fans in Philly wanted him out. Some will almost assuredly regret that decision.

One guy whose hoping he won't have any regrets is Redskins' head coach Mike Shanahan.

"I’m excited, number one, to have him as our quarterback on our football team. He’s everything that you look for in a quarterback, and I’m not just talking about the physical attributes: leadership, how he carries himself, what he’ll do in his community, to the way he’ll lead this football team.", said Shanhan on bringing McNabb to Washington.

The two had never met prior to yesterday, but did have dinner the night before where Shanahan stated a "quick kinship evolved."

Redskin players have also taken a liking to the idea of having McNabb on the team. "Donovan's a hard worker; he's a real professional", Chris Cooley said of his new teammate.

With a new quarterback in town, there was still the question of whether or not Jason Campbell will be moving on, and if Donovan McNabb has taken over as the number one player on the Redskins' franchise. McNabb said he isn't trying to take Campbell's job.

"I called him and just let him know that this wasn’t one of my plans of coming to try to take his spot", said McNabb. "Jason is a great guy and hard worker and a friend that I continue to talk with throughout the years. I try to be a mentor to him, and I want to see nothing but success for him and the opportunity to revive his career."

Shanahan feels likewise stating that the team is willing to give Campbell every opportunity to find the right team.

"But if it doesn’t work out, Jason will come back to us going 110 percent" said Shanahan. "One thing you know about Jason Campbell is he’s a first class guy who gives it everything that he has. He’s going to look for something that he’s always wanted, and that’s to be a starter, a consistent starter for an organization. Obviously he knows the situation here and we’re going to give him every opportunity to seek what he’s looking for.”

When asked what McNabb was looking for while in Washington, McNabb replied, "Not much, other than a SuperBowl. Maybe see Obama."

"I'm sure I just can't show up", laughed McNabb.

Probably not, as it didn't work for this guy.

Obama, however, has congratulated and invited the Duke men's basketball team to the White House after winning the 2010 NCAA Championship this week.

McNabb will have to wait be invited, as well.