Clinton Portis talks about this past weekend's mini-camp.

On if Mike Shanahan is the same coach he remembers playing for in Denver:
“Yeah, he actually is. He came in to this organization and brought in what we we’ve been looking for, and that’s a spark and a head coach who’s going to put you in a position to win.”

On how he’s been healing from his concussion last season:
“I’ve been feeling good. I went up to Pittsburgh and finally got the clearance to do everything, which I had already started doing anyways, but I feel good.”

On if he thinks there will be enough carries for all of the running backs:

“I think we’ll find a way to make it work. That’s the beauty. Some people say you can never have too much, and some people say there are not enough balls to go around. But I think the situation will work itself out, and I think everyone will add a different dimension to help this team win.”

On if he feels more committed this year than years in the past:
“I actually do. It’s different when you say commitment and you want someone to buy into a system that you really don’t believe in. I think having Coach Shanahan here, you just believe in whatever he says. If he tells you, ‘I think we can jump off the roof and land safely,’ it’s like ‘Alright, let’s jump.’ You buy into it. He’s a proven coach and a proven leader. I think he gets the best out of the guys. He’ll approach you like a man and tell you what he wants from you, and you get it done.”

On if the hiring of Mike Shanahan and the trade for Donovan McNabb is effective in doing what this team is capable of doing: “I think when you brought in Bruce Allen, that was sending the team in a different direction, saying to the team, ‘Okay, we’re ready to start winning.’ Then you go out and get Coach [Mike] Shanahan and it just solidified that you were tired of being the laughingstock of the NFC East. I think you’re going to add that kind of personnel and you see the power of moves they make. If we can get Jason [Campbell] to come in, just for the competition side of things, you wish Jason the best, but at the same time, if Jason doesn’t go to his ideal situation have him here just in case anything happens; you got two accomplished, capable quarterbacks. I think they’re just loading up our roster, which is a good thing because it makes everybody compete.”

On if it’s different with Donovan McNabb in the huddle:
“It actually is. Every year you step into the huddle with Jason [Campbell], it was like he was learning as well. I was trying to figure out if Donovan had played in this system before. He came in with the terminology; he’s already making checks and readjusting receivers’ routes. He looked good. But at the same time, just a system where everything relates, everything looks the same; I think this system would have helped Jason out a lot. It’s different. You got a proven guy in Donovan who had been outcast and feels as if he has something to prove, and he’s here. I think everyone on this roster feels the same way.”