Another 'Just Say No' Moment!

Steelers Trade Santonio Holmes.

Haven't you learned yet?

You can't do drugs and be a professional athlete.

Come on Santonio! You won the 2009 SuperBowl for crying out loud! You made a major play in the game. You were MVP!

Now look where your antics have gotten you.

You put yourself out there (literally) for all to see, now you get traded, AND suspended for four games this upcoming season for violating the NFL's drug abuse policy.

The Steelers' quarterback Big Ben might be in be hot water too, despite not facing charges (or being traded) for his own off-the-field antics. (WTF?)


Are you not thankful (and appreciative) for your career in the NFL? Are you not thankful for the opportunities it has afforded you.

Can you act like it?

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