Ovie Suspended? Really?

Caps' Alexander Ovechkin suspended (again) after providing another foul hit to his opponent.

Ovechkin was given a major penalty for a hit on Chicago's Brian Campbell in the first period of Washington's 4-3 overtime win on Sunday.

He'll sit out two games.

Campbell, on the other hand, will sit out for eight weeks with a clavicle fracture and a rib fracture.

Caps' coach Bruce Broudreau calls it "publicity". But isn't it just plain ol' unsportsmanslike conduct? It is in the world of other sports.

How many times has Ovechkin been susupended this season?

And why is Ovie, the Caps' newly appointed team captain, and arguably called the best hockey player in the world (without a Stanley Cup), still being praised?

Broudreau remarks on the suspension.

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