Out At Redskins' Park

Snyder Doesn't Do Alligator.

The Washington Redskins said today that a report in the New York Post this morning on its Page Six gossip page is totally false. The newspaper claimed that Redskins owner Dan Snyder purchased two alligator desks from a furniture store in New York City for use at an office at FedExField.

“Number one,” said Dave Donovan, Chief Operating Officer of the Redskins, “Dan does not have an office at FedExField. Second, he has no need for new desks at any of his offices. We are demanding a retraction from The New York Post.”

When informed about the report, Dan Snyder responded, “The story is crazy. I don’t even own a pair of alligator shoes.”

“It appears the New York furniture store was trying to promote its grand opening by using Dan Snyder’s name in a conversation with a reporter,” Donovan said.

You can read the NY Post comments here.

“The store should be embarrassed about making up a story in order to sell furniture” , added Donovan.

Oh, boy.

I'll add, if the story isn't true, the Post should be ashamed of printing it. But then again, we already know how the NYP rolls.

The Redskins continue to make staffing and coaching changes to improve their 2010 roster. The Redskins hired Richmond Flowers last month as coaching assistant. Flowers was a seventh-round draft pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2001, but spent most of that season on the Dallas Cowboys’ practice squad. He went to training camp with Dallas in 2002 before being released. Flowers joined the Redskins’ practice squad in 2002 and also spent the 2003 preseason with Washington.

The Redskins also promoted Larry Hess to Head Athletic Trainer and named Paul Kelly Assistant to the Head Coach/Football Administration in February.