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Chase Shields Defeats Jimmy Lange! Photos: CD Brown for DC UrbanSports

The fight lasted twelve rounds, when many thought it wouldn’t. It was a test of will and sheer stamina. Two fighters giving what they had. In the end, one would be the surprising new WBC Super Welterweight Champion, and the other would learn from a very humbling experience.

Chase Shields and Jimmy Lange went at each other from the sound of the very first bell. Lange coming out like a tiger - Shields going to the head of his opponent. Lange looked un phased by the punches, even as the relentless combinations of Shields kept coming.

What the crowd saw was Lange fighting his familiar fighting style, but it wasn’t good enough. Shields had Lange up against the ropes, and wavering.

While Lange fought back, Shields’ punches dropped Lange to the canvas on at least two occasions (one may be considered a slip), even finding Lange in an eight second count by the referee.

“A few times he buckled, said Shields.”

Lange has been there before, but managed to pull through it for a win.

“All I had to do was stay calm and land some shots. I kept missing, fighting too hard. He’s a vet. He knows how to survive”, added Shields.

As things continued to get more interesting inside the ring, things were taking an interesting turn outside of the ring.

The lights of the Patriot Center went out in the ninth round, leaving the boxing ring in darkness. What happened is unclear, but the fight was stopped for most of ten minutes, causing a few patrons to start leaving.

After the situation with lights was remedied, the two men continued to go at each other.

Patrons after the fight said that the lights out session, gave Shields time to rest, and recover.

"I thought I could have done a lot better, but, I won. He's tough, you know? I just felt like I was a lot faster, I hit him a lot more. He wore me down about the fifth or six round. I had to really dig."

While Shields had a lot to say about the fight, adding Lange helped him get a lot better, speculating about having future twelve-rounders, Lange, on the other hand made no excuses for his performance.

"I was flat today, period. I take my hat off to Shields. (I'm not going to do it, 'cause my hair is a little messy). The guy come in, and did what he had to do. Not much to say. He just caught me with some good shots, and that's that."

Lange, stating he thought the fight was a lot closer, admits he was beaten by Shields, fair and square.

"There's a lot of guys, they start making up excuses before the fight even starts. I don't have any. I come in and got my (expletive) whipped tonight."

One might say Lange's father, and manager, Johnny Lange calling the fight "lousy", seconds that emotion.

“We stunk the place up tonight”, adding respectfully, “If we can’t beat Chase Shields, we can’t beat nobody. The only thing we can do is get a rematch. Go to Houston. Fight in his home town.”

In what may have seemed like a fight the Lange camp thought would be a sure win, they definitely were surprised with the outcome.

“He’s a helluva lot better than we thought he was, either that or he’s a helluva lot worse than we thought he was”, added John Lange.

“We stunk the place up tonight", Lange repeated. "Who knows why. One of them nights, but I don’t think you’re going to see a repeat of that.”

Shields improves his record 30-3-1.

Seen around the ring: Fighter Paul Williams, Riddick Bowe, LeVar Arrington, Ric Doc Walker.

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