Who You Got?

Hometown Team Makes Predictions For All-Star Weekend

Our 'expert panel' (i.e. The Washington Wizards) make their predictions for this weekend's All-Star competitions.

The panel has posted their predictions here, but you can read a few of them below.

Predictions for the NBA All-Star 3-Point Contest

Andray Blatche choses Stephen Curry.
Caron Butler choses Chauncey Billups. (Randy Foye co-signs this choice)

Predictions for the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest
Andray Blatche selects DeMar DeRozan.
Caron Butler selects Shannon Brown. (Randy Foye co-signs this choice)

Sadly, neither Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, LeBron James, or any members of the Washington Wizards are participating in any of the above All-Star games.