Gilbert's Option: An Op-Ed

Apologizes To Young Fans

Kudos to Gilbert Arenas for trying. Trying to right a wrong. Trying to make kids understand that he knows (in hind sight) that what he did was not the best thing.

In an op-ed piece for the Washington Post (I have to ask, why not for DC UrbanSports, Gil?), Gilbert writes...

"I have done a number of things wrong recently. I violated D.C. gun laws and the NBA's ban on firearms on league property, and I damaged the image of the NBA and its players. I reacted badly to the aftermath and made fun of inaccurate media reports, which looked as though I was making light of a serious situation."

Realizing that his behavior has put him in a most vulnerable position with his young fans, Arenas further writes...

The relationship I have with young fans is very important to me. I realize now how easily I can damage it. I have to earn that respect and work to deserve it each and every day. I plan to do that work by partnering with public officials and community groups to teach kids to avoid trouble and learn from their mistakes, to strive for success by working hard and persevering, and to try to make the right choices.
Well, well. Well, well.

As we know, bringing guns to work is never a good thing, and the outcome when employees do bring guns to work, is usually not a good one.

Fortunately, no one was physically harmed as a result of the Arenas incident. But can the act of Gilbert Arenas be forgiven?

Probably. Probably not (at least for some members of the media, and their listeners, on their never-ending-condemn-Gilbert-Arenas tirades. Give it a rest already).

"Some people may not forgive me for what I've done. But if I help steer even just one young person away from violence and trouble, then I'll once again feel that I'm living up to Abe Pollin's legacy and to the responsibility I owe the kids of the District", adds Arenas.

Forgiven, or not, this we know. Admitting a mistake is a good thing. Apologizing for it, better. Never doing it again - priceless.

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