The Olympics Comes To DC! (Sorta. Kinda.)

Even if you can't be in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics (the US has 23 medals so far), you can still get some of that Olympic fever by checking out events this weekend at DC's Hilton Garden Inn.

From Friday, February 19 through Sunday, February 21, the ballroom will transform into a scaled-down curling arena. Four curling sheets will be set-up for attendees to practice “hitting the house” using regulation 42-pound curling stones, with one of the four sheets set aside exclusively for kids. Olympic curling events will be televised live the ballrooms and the lobby lounge while curling demonstration videos and lessons are offered in the Cleveland Park Ballroom. Volunteers from clubs as far away as Utica, New York will be on-hand to teach expo patrons the history of curling, to inform guests where they can curl near their hometowns, and to demonstrate curling technique.


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