Boxers Take It Off!

Promo For Jimmy Lange Fight Goes Buff (Almost)

Some of the area’s best-built and chiseled professional boxers will strut their stuff down the red carpet (and remove all but their underwear) as part of the Official Weigh-In Event for the upcoming March 6th Jimmy Lange Championship boxing event at the Patriot Center.

The boxer's red carpet event will be held at Tysons Corner Center (Friday, March 5 at Noon.

“Professional boxers are some of the world’s best-conditioned athletes who train extremely hard to sculpt their bodies into powerful, fighting-machines,” said Jackie Kallen, aka “The First Lady of Boxing” who heads Ice Promotions.

“The public weigh-in is a great place to check these guys out and visually appreciate all of the hard work that goes into their strenuous training regimen. Instead of thin, high-heeled super models, fans can expect to see elite athletes in great shape. And, yes the question of ‘boxers’ or ‘briefs’ will be unveiled.”

Tickets will be available for purchase at the weigh-in.

Expected at the 'Bare All Brigade' include heavyweights Dwayne “The Big Ticket” McRae and Theron Johnson; cruiserweights Patrick “Cold Blood” Budd and Robert “Big Mac Attack” McConnell; light heavyweights Sergey Kovalev and Francois “The African Warrior” Ambang, super welterweights Vincent “The Beast” Batteast and Lawrence Jones; welterweights Bayan “The Mongolian Mongoose” Jargal, Louie Leija; Andrew “The Doo Man” Farmer, Ikem “The Warrior” Orji, Juan “The Savior” Rodriquez and Damien Butler.

Editor's note: This is clever marketing. Great job! Get Seth Mitchell in this, and I'm so there!

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