New In Washington Sports

Washington Convention Center Authority Merges with DC Sports and Entertainment Commission. Forms The Washington Convention and Sports Authority.

The newly created Board is a result of the merger between the Washington Convention Center Authority and the DC Sports and Entertainment Commission. This merger will create one synergized organization with a broader vision for increasing economic impact through the promotion of conventions and meetings as well as sports and entertainment offerings for the District of Columbia.

“The Washington Convention and Sports Authority will lead the way as one of the city’s premier catalysts for economic activity – not only by running a world-class convention and meetings facility, but also through the promotion and coordination of key sports and entertainment activities for the District,” said Beverly Perry, board chair of the Washington Convention and Sports Authority. “The new Authority will only enhance the city’s offerings for the benefit of visitors, residents and the business community.”

The Authority will own Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium and Nationals Park and be responsible for securing sports and entertainment programming in Washington, DC.

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