In Defense of Tweeters & Twitterers Everywhere!

I'm tired of people being reprimanded for the things they tweet on Twitter.

The latest: Larry Fitzgerald's brother, Marcus, was called out for tweeting about Kurt Warner:
"Come on old dude, throw my brother the ball."
Fitzgerald said his brother will do charity work for Warner for his remarks.

What? Why does every tweet someone doesn't like have to turn into a punishment (or lesson learned) of some sort?

Even people threatening to harm the President of the United States aren't reprimanded to this length.

Redskins Robert Henson's Twitter account was deleted for his comments to fans who booed at the Redskins vs Rams game last week.

Do you know what sports broadcasters have said, and continue to say, about professional athletes since the dawn of sports history? Now, all of sudden athletes have to be politically correct, and can't say anything back?

I listen to sports talk radio almost daily, and the things those guys say about the players is just sometimes inhumane, yet they're never called out by their bosses, the FCC, or anyone else. (Well, this guy was, briefly).

While listening to a certain radio show one day (that I will not plug here), I heard one of the hosts, in describing his 'unpleasant experience' driving to FedEx Field for a game say, among other things, that the people directing traffic to the stadium parking lot "look like something out of the movie, The Hills Have Eyes."

Granted, it wasn't about a player, but still his comment that millions probably heard, was down right uncalled for.

Where's the cancellation of his show? Where's his apology to the traffic routers at FedEx field who breathe in all that carbon monoxide from the thousands of cars coming to Redskins Park every home game? Why not let him go out to FedEx Field and direct traffic one Sunday?

Robert Henson was tired of the fans booing him (and spitting on him), and he let the fans know he didn't like it. Granted, he didn't have to go there about people's financial status, but having to do community service, having to apologize over, and over again for his disapproval of the way fans treat the players is a bit much.

If we're going after everybody for saying something someone doesn't like, we should definitely shut down all the hate group web sites, all the Internet accounts of everyone who writes slanderous, venomous, evil, hate-filled things about ethnic groups, a person's sex, race, etc.

And doggone it, if the players have to know how to act, then the fans should be held accountable for their actions as well.

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