Hangin' Out With The Redskins

Redskins Out And About In The Community

Tuesday saw several of the Washington Redskins players out and about in the community to lend their support for various hometown causes.

Jason Campbell At Stuart-Hobson Middle School Helps Students Learn Pedestrian Safety.

On the heels of tomorrow's International Walk-to-School day, Campbell was on hand to help stress the importance of safety while walking to and from school.

"As football players we wear shoulder pads to keep us safe. When you're walking to school, and out and about, it's important to remember to be safe", Campbell reminded the students.

Campbell, the Redskins, and FedEX teamed up with Safe Kids USA to demonstrate safety measures geared toward preventing pedestrian related injuries.

Click here for walk this way safety tips.

Jason was well received by students and even read a few student-written poems about safety.

(Click photo to enlarge).

FedEX donated $2,500 to Stuart-Hobson to help improve pedestrian safety in the Capitol Hill area.

The Redskins, HopSports, and The United Way

Justin Tryon and Andrew Crummey spent time with students at Francis C. Hammond Middle School in Alexandria, VA during a 5th grade PE class, by working out to a HopSports exercise video.

The video included sport specific drills, dance, martial-arts fusion, cardio-kickboxing, and circuit training.

The kids, trying to keep in step with the video, saw it as a good workout and plan to incorporate the exercises in their workout regimes.

U.S. kids - on average - at elementary school levels, tend to be less active, less fit, and prone to diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

HopSports, partnering with the United Way's Home Team Huddle, takes its fitness model to schools across America teaching fitness as a way of life.

Upon conclusion of the workout students were given a fitness bag that included a HopSports fitness video, jump rope, a pedometer, and mini football. Also included were a Redskins team poster, and activity book.


Anonymous said…
I heard the Skins didn't look so fit during that workout with those students.

I heard the students didn't look that fit either.

Campbell said…
Great stuff!