Redskins The Second Most Valuable Franchise?

With the Redskins' season opener at FedEX Field against the New Orleans Saints just days away, fans and players might be proud to know the following....

Forbes magazine says our Washington Redskins are valued at $1.5 billion and are the second most valuable franchise in the NFL, according to 2008 valuations of NFL franchises.

In terms of sales and operating income, the Redskins rock!

The 'Skins had a revenue of $327 million last year, and an operating income totaling $58.1 million. (Its value has inched up 5 percent since last year’s ranking).

Dan Snyder, the current team owner, bought the 76-year-old team in 1999 for $750 million.

I know second isn't the number 1 spot, but hey, it's still good.

[Subliminal message in 3, 2, 1] We're hoping the team will do well and give us a win this Sunday!

What's The Number One Valued Franchise?

Skins' nemesis and rival, the Dallas Cowboys, got top honors (again) with a value of $1.6 billion. It's expected that number will grow as the team unveils a new stadium in 2009 worth $1 billion.

The Baltimore Ravens are the 10th most valuable team, worth roughly $1.1b.

The Minnesota Vikings are the NFL’s least-valuable franchise, worth a 'paltry' $839 million. (Still good to me. Wish I had $839 mil!)