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An Interview With One of Washington's 'DC Divas'

The DC Divas are Washington's professional women's football team. We caught up with one of its players, #33, Donna Wilkinson.

Wilkinson talks about women playing football, being one of the original team members, and the Washington Redskins.

DCUrbanSports: How long have you been playing with the DC Divas?

Donna Wilkinson: “This is going to be my ninth season. I’m one of the original players that started the first year we had tryouts on an abandoned field that we snuck onto that first year.”

DCUrbanSports: In those nine years I guess you’ve spoken to a lot of girls letting them know that playing football is possible.

DW: "Absolutely."

“I especially like the younger ones because they still have so much open possibility. They haven't been told that they can’t do things yet, and when they see an example of somebody who is just living their dream and kinda being on the edge of what society thinks is possible, it gives them hope that anything really is possible in this day and age.”

DCUrbanSports: What do you think of the Redskins this year, so far?

DW: “They looked great their first two games. They saw a lot more challenges the following games, and they’ve had a lot things to really deal with to get that team aspect working."

"But, if you see Coach Zorn, he’s got a positive attitude, and he’s got a lot of energy, and it looks like he’s really coaching. So, I hope that everybody can really buy into the system because it seems that he’s bringing a fresh attitude and a fresh perspective, that if they could put it together they could build championship football back here in Washington again.”

“But you see a lot of challenges, and just seeing them get beat up at all ends by Carolina, and just seeing that defense, you know, when you line up against somebody and you get beat, and there’s no scheme for just getting physically out beat, there’s going to be challenges ahead for them.”

DCUrbanSports: Do you have any advice for them?

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