Gilbert's Knee, At It Again

The Washington Wizards organization has reported that Gilbert Arenas has had to have another procedure on his $100 million dollar knee.

This just in....

Washington Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld announced that guard Gilbert Arenas had an arthroscopic lavage (washout) procedure performed on his left knee this morning. The procedure was performed by Wizards Team Physician Dr. Marc Connell at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC.

"After Gilbert's normal course of rehabilitation was ramped up, he experienced some swelling and discomfort in his knee," said Connell. "A subsequent MRI showed that the knee is structurally sound. The decision was made to perform an arthroscopic lavage procedure, during which a moderate amount of debris was removed after saline solution was washed through the knee. The presence of debris is common with the nature of his previous injury. This was a proactive procedure that will enhance his rehabilitation process."

Arenas will begin rehabilitation immediately, although no timetable has been set for him to return to the court.

"Gilbert, worked extremely hard over the summer and we know how much he's looking forward to returning to help the team" said Grunfeld.

"However, our team proven its resiliency in dealing with injuries in the past and we're approaching the start of training camp with confidence that they will once again compete at a high level until Gilbert's return." (Huh?)

Arenas played in eight games last season before he underwent surgery in November to repair a partially torn meniscus and articular surface defect in his left knee. He returned to play in five more games and finished with averages of 19.4 points and 5.1assists in 13 contests.

The Wizards will hold training camp from September 27-October 3 at the Siegel Center on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University (my alma mater) in Richmond.

(Without Gilbert, one could surmise.)

You gotta feel for someone having to have so many surgeries on the same body part in such a short time frame. (Here's how to keep up with the saga.)

Whatever the issue, I'm personally praying that his knee is healed and restored to some level of competent NBA playing capacity soon.

Dear Jesus....


Anonymous said…
Oh, no. Not again!