Football Season's Rocky Start

Not even a week into the start of the 2008-2009 regular season, and tragedy - from high school to the professional ranks - seems to find its way into the heart of football (again).

We know tragedy can hit any where, at any time, no matter the sport. But football as of late? What's up with that?

(I'm just askin').

Southern Indiana football coach commits suicide.

Trent Guy, Louisville Kentucky wide receiver, shot.

Cole Steele, high school football player, shot in the stomach.

Richard Collier, Jacksonville Jaguars' offensive tackle, shot outside local club.

“The guy who shot the gun is the problem, not the guy who got shot,” the coach said. “He's the victim. He was victimized. You ought to be able to go out and have a good time and go back home and not be worried about being killed or being put in the hospital with bullet holes.”
- Jaguars' coach, Jack Del Rio.

ATV rider killed at a Redskins' home.

NFLPA executive director passes.


Denver Broncos' Durrant Williams shot and killed.

Redskins' Sean Taylor, murdered in home invasion.

Former NFL player, John Grimsley dies from accidental shooting.

Should players take measures to protect themselves and their loved ones?

The real gun 'control'.