Etan Thomas Panels Media Forum

September 25, 2008 - For those of you who may not be aware, the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference is in full effect this week, through Saturday.

The ALC is chocked full of forums and focus groups that discuss, provide information, and lend solutions to various societal issues Americans face today.

In a panel discussion titled 'Remote Control: Do We Control the Media or Do The Media Control Us?' (Examining Executive-level Influences Over Music, News, and Politics), panelists Angie Ange, from 93.9 WKYS, and Washington Wizards', Etan Thomas give their take on media issues.

In a world where media images can influence our youth, Ange and Thomas had this to share:

Angie Ange: "I struggle with the music I play and dealing with the young people in the community who may not understand the lyrics."

Etan Thomas: "We need to stop being punk-ass parents. Parents need to sit down and talk to their kids about what is real, and what isn't."

[Other panelists (right to left) included Lisa Fager Bediako, Natasha Eubanks, and Mister Mann Frisby]


Anonymous said…
Spike Lee was there today!

Awesome forums!

Don't miss Barack Obama on Saturday!?
Anonymous said…
The CBC forums and braintrusts are always good. I'd admonish folk to mark their calendars to attend next year.