Another 'Not Really Sports Related' Moment

I couldn't help but mention the fact that Jennifer Hudson performed at the Newseum today.

Hudson performed during the final stop on the Good Morning America Whistle-Stop Train tour where GMA hosts Robin Roberts and Dianne Sawyer endeavored to visit 50 states in 50 days, leading up to the presidential election.

What a fun, and monumental experience that must have been.

Other artists who performed along the 50 state tour included James Taylor, and country star Brad Paisley.

"What I love most about the project is that it throws the spotlight on all of America", said USA Today Editor and Senior Vice President of News, Ken Paulson in a statement on the ABC News website.

Indeed the spotlight was thrown on Jennifer this morning as she sang her latest hit song, titled 'Spotlight', and I'm Telling You, from her Dream Girls movie debut. (See the original DG here).

Jennifer greeted the audience with her signature infectious smile, wearing a purple V-neck dress. She graciously signed autographs for the fans while on stage, and maintained very good contact with the audience throughout her performance.

Jennifer also confirmed that she is indeed engaged, as she could be seen wearing an engagement ring on her left ring hand.

Ms. Hudson performed in DC last year at the annual Lupus Foundation of America charity gala.

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[I guess this item is sports related afterall, since Ms. Hudson's new beau/fiance is a body builder.]

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