Ref Gets Kicked In Head After Disqualifying Olympian

Taekwondo Olympian Angel Matos kicked a ref in the head after being disqualified for taking too long to get an injury looked at by his doctor.

In Taekwondo, olympians get 60 seconds to receive medical attention before the match must proceed.

Matos barely missed the 60 second time limit before referee Chakir Chelbat disqualifed Matos.

In protest, Matos kicked the ref in the head. He also spat, and pushed an official.

Matos is now banned for life from future Olympic games (as is his coach.)

Watch video.

Ain't that a kick in the head?!

[Observation: The photog who took that pic was right on the money. That kick took less than a second. Blink, and you could have missed it! See more Olympic photos.]