Redskins Make Final Roster Cut

This is never easy to write about.

The Redskins make their final cut this weekend. Among those released, Byron Westbrook, Todd Wade, and Billy McCullen.

See complete cut list here.

On the flip side....

Skins' draft picks remain.

See who else has staying power.

Pictured are the 2008-2009 season Redskins' rookies. (Left to right: # 5 Colt Brennan, #14 Durant Brooks, #48 Chris Horton, #86 Fred Davis , #11 Devin Thomas, #12 Malcolm Kelly, #20 Justin Tryon, #98 Rob Jackson, #75 Chad Rhinehart).

Update: Bryon Westbrook is back! Named to practice squad.

Related (or not)

Redskin players who share the same birthday week as my Mom.

My Mom's BD is September 5th!

Did you know both Clinton Portis and Jason Taylor share September 1 birthdays?

Demetric Evans has a BD on September 3.

Casey Rabach's birthday is September 24. (Check out Casey's 'twin')


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We'll see on Thursday!