Olympics: The Good and The Bad Of It All

The Olympics.

Yeah, it's a great platform for elite athletes to show the world their stuff. Yeah, it's good.


I guess I just don't understand why it has to be in Beijing, China (MOH*, I guess.)

What with reports saying the air 'over there' is so polluted, I just don't see why the Olympic Committee would allow our athletes to risk their health to perform, let alone practice, in such an environment.

If the smog is thick and the water is so green that warning signs are posted saying 'DO NOT DRINK' - then that poses a big problem.

It's reported that athletes like Virginia's 400 meter hurdler Queen Harrison, and others, aren't even in the city of Beijing, but rather staying at remote locations 300 miles from the Olympics site as to not put their health in jeopardy.


Anyway, good luck to all athletes participating, especially those from the DC UrbanSports metro areas.

Bring home the gold USA teams!

Here's a few Olympics factoids, in a nutshell.

When: August 8 - August 24
Countries: 205
Athletes: Approximately 10,500
Events: 302 events in 28 different sporting events
Opening ceremony: Tonight, 8.8.08 - on NBC - 7pm

And, oh yeah, *MOH = Money over health (I just made that one up)