Nike's New Team

Ads Feature ‘Real’ People

Nike’s new video ad on their website features former R&B crooner, and DC native, Mr. Marvin Gaye singing the National Anthem before the start of an NBA game.

How dapper and smooth Marvin looks in this video piece Nike put together.

For all of those who remember Marvin Gaye and his music, you know he adds depth and character to the entire video. You can watch the video here.

Nike’s 'new team' is also jumping on the ‘keeping it real’ bandwagon with its latest ad campaign featuring real women with real features. You know: Hips, buttocks, and thighs.

After all, these features have been around since the beginning of time. It's not like they're just popping up on the scene.

To quote what one commenter on a web site said about the new Nike ad, “You're late, but welcome to the party anyway.”

Nike is taking a step in the right direction by featuring women of varied sizes, strengths, and hues.

After all, Nike has celebrated men-in-sports featuring their varied styles, hues, height, weight, musclular anatomies, (and tattoos), since it's inception.

'Memba this guy?

Going off topic...

[If we can just get founder Phil Knight to realize it would be ‘real’ to build a Nike manufacturing plant here in the States that would provide jobs to the people who enjoy his brand, (yours truly included), then that would really be ‘keepin’ it real’, now wouldn’t it?]

Any who, back on track...

To see other features of this campaign, click here.

I wonder if these bods will be a part of Nike's campaign.

In closing, I must retract (well, almost) a previous posting where I slammed a sports commentator for making an on-air statement, using slow-mo video, about Venus Williams’ ‘realness’. While the video has been removed, you can get the gist of the commentary by clicking here.

After all, you can’t celebrate the real without talking about it. Right?

If you want more real to talk about, here’s mo’ real fo' ya!

Even sports commentator Roger Rasheed would be proud.


Did you know?

Michael Jordan's 'Jordan Fundamentals' has awarded grants to DC area schools? Check it out!

Nike Plans 10k Human Race on 08 31 08. Kanye West to perform.


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I love the fact that Nike is doing this!

Thanks too, for posting that Marvin Gaye video.
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