ESPN's 'Friday Night Fights' Comes To DC!

Baltimore's Ishmail Arvin wins IBO/USBO Junior Middleweight Title
Let me just say that if you’re not familiar with boxing in the DC area, you’re missing out on a lot.

One should not wait until DC boxers become world renowned,or regular house-hold names before you figure on supporting a DC boxing match.

DC has plenty of up and coming boxers that give a great show.

Such was the case last evening with Major Heavy Hitters and their lineup of local boxers for ESPN2’s live broadcast of Friday Night Fights at Ibiza nightclub.

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Anonymous said…
Yeah. That fight was off the chain. Is there a web site for Major Heavy Hitters?
Anonymous said…
I remember when ESPN was in town to tape the Peterson brothers fight a couple years ago.

We really do have good boxing prospects in the city.

I hope the boxing Commission realizes it as much as the fans do.

Junior said…
Those pictures were pretty good. Do you shoot freelance?
Wesley said…
Good stuff. Can't wait for the September 17th fight!
DC UrbanSports said…
Thanks for posting. As I understand it, there is no web site for MHH at this time. I was told they are working on constructing a web site soon.

Check back for latest updates.

For 'junior' - yes, I also freelance. You can reach me at

Thanks for the inquiry.
Chris said…
Another one September 17th, huh?

Perhaps Ding-a-ling Darnell would like a rematch with BJ Flores on September 17!
How 'bout it Major Heavy Hitters?