Another US Boxer Finds Disappointment in Beijing

US boxers are not faring very well in Beijing.

Last week, metro area boxer, Gary Russell, Jr. was disqualified for not making the required Olympic weight.

This week, US boxer Rau'Shee Warren relaxed during the last 10 seconds or so of his fight, believing the fight was in his favor, only to find out otherwise.

Article excerpt:

"Warren spent the final moments of his second Olympics with his gloves at his waist Tuesday night, dancing in a pointless circle around the South Korean former world champion.

The stunning loss - and the head-scratching way it ended - crushed the first two-time American boxing Olympian in 30 years."

Read more on this dissapointing defeat.

US boxers who can hopefully hold it down in Beijing:

Luis Yanez
Raynell Williams
Sadam Ali
Demetrius Andrade
Deontay Wilder

Did you know: Javier Molina fought last week with a hole in his lung?