Monday In Sports!

A few interesting events transpired over the last few days in the world of DC area sports. Let’s take a look, shall we?

You probably are aware that the Redskins suffered a few set backs on the first day of TC (training camp).

What with Phillip Daniels suffering a torn ligament in his right knee leaving him on the DL for the season, and Fred Smoot suffering an ankle injury, we can only hope this isn’t a precursor for the '08-'09 regular season.

However, there may be good news on the horizon as the Skins get another Taylor from Miami.

Jason 'The Dancer’ Taylor was traded to the Redskins this weekend and is expected to join the Redskins in TC today. Read about it here.

A media presser is scheduled for this afternoon.

[I’m just sayin’]: Can’t understand why Jason’s Miami team was sour at the idea of the man dancing in the off season. After all, wasn’t it Lynn Swann, formerly of the Pittsburg Steelers, who found the art of ballet dancing - “gracefully” beneficial to his football career?

Here's my new mantra: Ya gotta do - what ya gotta do - to advance you!

It seems the Mystics are trying, again, to do what it takes to make a winning team, not to mention the playoffs; even if it means firing their head coach.

Mystics released head coach, Tree Rollins in mid-season and made Jessie Kenlaw the interim head coach. Read more.

The Mystics responded in winning fashion to the new change as they defeated the Seattle Storm 89-57.

"They beat us, simple as that. You can’t really pinpoint one thing. They just beat us all across the board", said Storm guard Katie Gearlds.

Taj McWilliams-Franklin scored 22 points for the Mystics, while Alana Beard had a season high 9 assists.

The win put a stoppage to the Storm’s 7-game winning streak, and boosted the Mystics to a 9-14 standing in the Eastern Conference.

We wish the best for the newly transformed Mystics, and will be watching them crush upcoming opponents!

In men's basketball. Or rather, men basketball players. [Sigh]

This is spreading like wild fire around the net. C'mon man! File this one too, under Just stop it already!

Oh, yeah. One more thing in the world of sports.

Before I go any further....

Doesn't Justin Timberlake sound a bit different when he has Timbaland, a good hook, and a bass line behind him?

Moving on....

Big ups to all the winners of this year's ESPY awards.

Extra special congrats from DC UrbanSports to Kevin Everett, (football star who made a remarkable recovery after being paralyzed last year in a opening season game).

Another big ups to John Carlos and Tommie Smith, (1968 Olympic medalists who had their medals stripped from them when they raised their Black fists in show of pride and courage).

It took all these years to get their due respect and proper recognition. (Where is Spike Lee when you need him?)

Share their story with your kids.

They are my new BSH (best sports heroes) of the week! Week! Week!

And that's Monday in sports!