Is It Safe Anywhere?

Blog About Upcoming Boxing Match Has Less To Do With Boxing And More To Do With Stereotypes

Boxing analyst, Gary 'Digital' Williams, has been covering boxing in the DC metro area for over 20 years. His blog, Boxing Along The Beltway, gives boxing fans, boxers, trainers, and promoters a place to discuss, and even vent about the sport of boxing in the DC metro area.

One of his latest blog posts, titled ‘Boxing Returns To DC August 8th!’, has less to do about boxing and more about stereotypes as one poster, after finding out the bout will be featured inside DC nightclub, Ibiza, undermined the neighborhood when he asked, “How safe a part of DC is this, though?

That would be the question that sparked more than 40 posts on the boxing blog.

In response to the question, one poster had this to say:

“There are literally thousands of people that are at this club and have been going to this club for a while every night. It is a hugely successful, beautiful night club with many different rooms, all quite elegantly appointed. There is plenty of parking adjacent to the club and there will be plenty of security. This is a very high end night club and fight fans will get a first rate show in a beautiful spot. There will be more information on the bouts and the prices etc. soon.”

Click here to read one poster's rebuttal, and what others had to say on the subject of being 'safe' in the 'hood'.

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Anonymous said…
Like the blog posts say - If he's scared, stay at home!

He's obviously not accustomed to being in DC.
Anonymous said…
Can't blame him for being concerned.
Anonymous said…
More info on the fight please!
Anonymous said…
I was just assaulted. And it wasn't in DC. So like one poster said.... it can happen any where.
Please visit my blog, Boxing Along The Beltway for more on the card itself.