I'm Just Sayin'

You probably are aware of two recent segments, new to the DC UrbanSports sports blog.

One of them 'Just Stop It Already!' is the title I give events in sports that really just warrant someone taking someone aside and saying, "C'mon now. Why you wanna go and do that?"

The other segment, [I'm Just Sayin'], is a segment where I give my off-the-cuff remarks about an event in sports that really got my attention so much that just writing about it just isn't enough. It needs some added flavor.

Here's my I'm Just Sayin' moment for today.

I like the fact that readers enjoy the DC UrbanSports sports blog site. Thank you for reading.

I'm even flattered when other sports bloggers, writers, radio hosts, etc. (you know who you are) get their material from this site.

All a sista wanna know is: Can I get paid for that, please!??!!!?

I'm just sayin'!