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As the Wizards continue with their pre-draft practices, a few words have been circulating around town.

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Speaking of Gilbert Arenas and the Wizards, the following was recently overheard by a Wizards insider. (Nothing really major, but interesting nonetheless).

Gil Arenas: "I like DC. I just hate losing first round in the PlayOffs."

to which the insider replied (not to Gilbert's face, of course).....

"Well, duh. You sat out 66 games last year leaving your team mates to fend without you."

"How can you even make a comment like that?"

(In case you didn't know, Gil didn't play for much of last season due to his knee injury. However, the team did make it to the first round of the PlayOffs.)

On Gil Arenas' free agent status.

Wizards Insider: "Gil wants to be his own agent."

"He's gonna get screwed trying to be his own agent."

On how well the Wizards will fare in the NBA Draft.

Wizards insider: "If we don't get a top rookie, then we gotta get two picks to get at least one good player. Maybe that will give Gilbert incentive to stay around."

Well, last I read, Wizards pick 18th in the First Round, and 47th in the Second Round of this year's NBA draft.

Who will they choose?

It's anybody's guess.

View prospective list of potential Wizards.

Anyone look good enough to be a Wizard?



nellie said…
2 names....

roy hibbert, and patrick ewing.