Len Bias. 22 Years Later.

Interesting story from ESPN.com titled The Day Innocence Died.

ESPN's Michael Weinreb writes about the death of former University of Maryland basketball star, Len Bias, some twenty years later.

Bias, who played under the coaching of 'Lefty' Driselle, was drafted in 1986 by the Boston Celtics.

He never got the opportunity to play for Boston. Bias died of a cocaine overdose.

The writer delves into the lives of those surrounding Bias' death, and in the end, draws his own conclusion (so it would seem).

Reading the story, one is forced to ask, 'And the moral is....?'

Take a look at the story for yourself here.

Len Bias at the 1986 Draft.

See video highlights of Bias' career at Maryland.

While writing this blog, a few thoughts came to mind.

1)I starting having a Donny Hathaway 'To Be Young, Gifted, and Black' moment.

2)I have to ask, even though it's relatively irrelevant, 'Is that a Louis Vuitton bag Bias was holding?

3)I was, again, reminiscent of an earlier DC UrbanSports blog entry.