Monday In Sports, Continued

We Got Next!

Now that the official men's basketball season in Washington has ended, you probably are wondering what's next for the sport of men's basketball in our area.

Aside from a few player's summer basketball camps, and such, you may want to also check out games that the EBA and NPBL are currently running.

The Alexandria Avengers hosted the Maryland Bay Raiders this past Saturday at Francis C. Hammond Middle School in Alexandria.

As I mentioned before, most players in this league have played college ball, and although quite talented, didn't exactly make it to the NBA. (Alright, a couple players have.)

Check out the league's web site and get acquainted with the players and game info.

I understand sponsors are desperately needed - so if you got the time, and looking for a worthwhile cause to get involved in something that caters to family fun, youth sports involvement, then this is probably a good bet.

Games are $5, and the excitement and skill level are arguably impressive.

Photo: DC UrbanSports