Happy Mother's Day (In Sports)

A Mother's Day message...

Happy Mother's Day to all those moms in the sports world every where.

I really liked the NBA's Mother's Day messages where several players wished their moms a Happy Mother's Day, TV style.

I think it was Derek Fisher of the Los Angeles Lakers whose Mother's Day message was most compelling and impressive, simply because he had a heart-felt Happy Mother's Day wish for both moms of NBA players, and Moms in the WNBA, alike.

Yes, WNBA players are moms too!

However, there was a Mother's Day message of another kind circulating amongst the airwaves, TV land, and blogospheres.

It was LeBron James' message to his mom after she became a bit overprotective of her son.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure James loves him mom to the utmost and took really good care of her for Mom's Day.

After all a Mom's love is unconditional, (even a king's mom), and she should be recognized for just that.

But at some point, moms everywhere just have to let their grown sons (and daughters) handle their own.

Looks like LeBron's mom may want to consider trying it so she doesn't have to hear her son say....

Ma, "sit your a** down!"

(LeBron's mom in white shirt. Look how Kevin Garnett consoles LeBron's mom, letting her know her son is alright. Pretty harsh commentary, though, for a son to cuss his mom out on national TV, or at all for that matter.)

Side note: At least LeBron's Mom didn't smack him upside the head for speaking out of turn, like mine did. Even at my age, moms still let their children know who's boss.


Anonymous said…
Day-um! I know what my mother would have done if I said some stuff to her like that.
Jackie said…
Cold blooded.