Why Would You Trade An All-Star?

That was my question when I read that our Washington Mystics are planning to trade WNBA all-star DeLisha Milton-Jones.

Jones, who has been one of the leading scorers for the Mystics, and is a proven solid player, has been traded for Taj-McWilliams Franklin , and a first-round draft pick in the 2009 WNBA Draft.

Read more on that, (if you dare).

Perhaps I'm showing my ignorance in this matter, but getting a new player acclimated to a new team, the team's offense, and defense, can take a long time. We don't need half the season blown while getting the new players to gel with the existing team members.

The Mystics need to keep its most productive players and not give them away on the premonition of a future hopeful in an upcoming draft.

Sure, adding a force to the existing equatation is cool; but giving away a powerful player like DeLisha Milton Jones?

Can't we have them both?

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