The DC UrbanSports and Music Mix!

Can I just mix it up a bit and add some music to this sports blog? Sure I can, it's my blog.

Just finished seeing the Dana Leong Band at the Grovesnor Auditorium at the National Geographic building.

The Dana Leong Band, featuring Core Rythm is an awesome jazz/hip hop band to see performing live! Outta NYC, and just fresh off their Asian tour, they blessed us with a performance tonight, part of the National Geographic Live events.

I was introduced to the DLB last summer during the Duke Ellington Jazz Festival, and have been a fan since.

Wish I had a video cam so I could have taped tonight's performance, but until then, there's YouTube. Check 'em out!

(Dana is the artist with the horn)

Link: | More Dana Leong!


Stephanie said…
Amazing! Wow. I look forward to seeing him live!