Hook's Redemption

Saw the documentary 'Hooked' on ESPN about a basketball player of unparalleled porportions who took the wrong path, and made some wrong choices.

NBA players like Gary Payton, and Jason Kidd called 'Hook' the greatest, and say Demetrius Mitchell was an even better basketball player than themselves.

What happened to Hook has happened to so many other talented African American hopefuls. The kicker is Hook got the chance to redeem himself, and is encouraging others to travel the straight and narrow.

Take a look at HookMitchell.com.

Amazing, but sad, story with redemptive qualities.

If you missed last evening's documentary on ESPN you can see it again this Saturday, 5/3, at 2p.

Check local listings for Hooked: The Legend of Demetrius “Hook” Mitchell.

Read interview.