They Did It To Him... AGAIN!

Last year, I blogged about the image portrayal of one of the most talented basketball players of our time, LeBron James. (Read about it here).

One of our readers, disagreeing with my blog entry, had this to say.

Now, it looks to me like somebody is again, trying to make this young man out to be some type of bafoon.

When I first saw this magazine cover, I was like, "C'mon, LeBron. This is not a good look."

And apparently, great minds think alike.

People are talking about the image of LeBron James, this time, as he appears on the cover of Vogue Magazine seemingly screaming, or growling, while holding onto a white woman.

The first image I thought of was this. (Like you didn't think it, too).

Again, I don't know if it's his PR people puttin' him out there like that, or if he is lacking a PR person, or if he just doesn't know better. But look here, LeBron, if you need an image consultant or a PR person, I gladly, and willfully offer my services. (I hate to see a brother out there like this).

I will say that at least this time they portrayed him as a king, albeit, the wrong kind.

Note to magazines everywhere.

This is how you honor a star on the cover of your magazines. XXL got it right with their August, 2005 issue with LeBron (and company) on the cover. This is one of my all-time favorite magazine covers. I still have it, and it's been 3 years.

(Left to right: Kanye West, Jay-Z, LeBron James, and Foxy Brown).


Anonymous said…
Yeah, I saw this too, and was like WTF?
Anonymous said…
You are so right on this!
Anonymous said…
He's still a good ball player. A bit misguided, perhaps, but a good player.
Anonymous said…
I don't see what the uproar is about. But it is interesting why this made the cover and the other photos Annie took did not make it.
Anonymous said…
What's up with annie and Jane Goodall anyway?