Monday In Sports (11/26/07)

Wow! What Can I Say?

In sports we have two top stories.

One of them being the Redskins' loss to Tampa Bay 13-19 this past Sunday, and the other top (and still developing) story is regarding Redskins' safety, Sean Taylor.

Sources say Sean, shot in a main artery during a home invasion in his Florida home over the weekend, is in extremely critical condition in a Miami hospital.

The Redskins have not said much at this time, and have issued this very brief statement.

My feelings at the time of this posting is "My God, he's just a baby!"

On the real, please send your prayers and well wishes to Sean and his family for healing and a speedy recovery.

Sean received the Defensive Player of the Year award this year at the Redskins' annual Welcome Home Luncheon. In his acceptance speech he gave thanks to God for keeping him on the right track.

See pic.

We hope Sean continues that notion, and his football career as well.

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