Terry Cutchin Day Boxing Event

Photos from the Terry Cutchin Day festival sponsored by Keely's District Boxing and Youth Center can be seen here.

The Terry Cutchin Day festival honored 13 year old Terry Cutchin who was killed by gun violence this past August while he was out with friends at a local McDonalds.

Cutchin, an honor role student and up and coming boxer, trained at Keely's District Boxing And Youth Center in N.W., D.C. since he was nine years old.

Keely's boxing facility, home to more than 1,400 D.C. youth, (a number Keely says he never anticipated) and serves as a safe haven for many in the community; some who come from broken homes, street life, and gangs. The facility teaches discipline, the art of boxing, education, respect for self and others, and gives the young men and women hope.

"Terry wanted a boxing trophy so badly", says Keely Thompson. "Every time you mentioned boxing his eyes would just light up."

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