Mayor's Cup Boxing Tournament

DC Mayor's Cup Boxing Championship

August 18, 2007 - Each year, for the past twenty two years, the Mayor's Cup Amateur Boxing Tournament takes place in the Nation's Capital where up and coming boxers compete for a title.

The event, held at the Kennedy Recreation Center at 7th and P Streets, NW, is part of a two-day long event were D.C area boxers compete against boxers in neighboring areas that include North Carolina, New York, and West Virginia, to name a few.

Boxers compete at all age and skill levels, beginning at 9 years old. Girls also participate.

Here is a partial list of winners from the Saturday, August 18th bouts.

  • Devonte Jefferson, (age 9-10 weight class) of Washington, D.C. over Israle Chavez (NC)

  • Gervonta Davis (age 11-12 weight class) over Dominque Warren (D.C.)

  • Kelia Henry (age 15-16 weigh class) over Antonette Smith (NC)

  • John Williams over Lenwood Dozier (D.C.) - Light Weight Division

  • Ronald Gamble vs. Issac Paige (D.C.) - Heavy Weight Division

  • Pictures of the Dozier vs. Williams, Walls vs. Ervin, and Gamble vs. Paige fights can be seen here.

    Congrats to all the winners, staff, and participants for a job well done!

    Pics from boxing matches around town this year.

  • Babie Girl Productions at Howard University's Burr Gymnasium. Seen at the event, Hector Camacho Jr., Peterson Brothers, Chop Chop Corley. View pics.

  • MMA Championship at the D.C. Armory. View pics.
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    Anonymous said…
    why no mention of 8 year old fighter in the first bout of the tournament chris 'hoodrat' normile like to see some pictures of that fight. p.s. most action filed bout of the night where the 8 yr. old fought a 10 yr. old and showed no mercy only to fall short by the officials. thanks d.c.'s biggest amatuer boxing fan see you in the ring.
    Rockette said…
    I love those pics of the Peterson brothers!