1st Down For Fitness and KEEN Team Up To Provide Fitness Activities For Youth

September 23, 2008 (Redskins Park)– The Redskins' Charitable Foundation, 1st Down For Fitness, partnered with KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) to host an afternoon of recreational activities for children and young adults with significant mental and physical disabilities in an effort to help foster healthy, and active lifestyles.

Students from Georgetown Preparatory School, along with several Redskins players served as volunteer coaches and helped guide the children through various obstacle courses and field activities.

Defensive end, Andre Carter, had this to say about the event: “The kids are highly spirited and highly motivated. It’s great to see the smiles on their faces, and I’m happy to be out here.”

Phillip Daniels, who is recuperating after having suffered a season-ending injury to his left knee during Skins’ training camp, was also on hand to help out with the kids.

“The kids are having fun, and the guys [players] are having fun out here, too”, said Daniels.

“It’s always good to give back to the kids. They’re our future, so it’s important that we come out and do things like this to help them on their way".

Also participating were the Skins’ Lorenzo Alexander, Chris Horton/strong>, Justin Tryon, and Matt Sinclair.

A few parents were present to provide support and cheer their kids on.

‘Joe’, parent to fifteen-year old ‘Ben’ - a youth who has been with KEEN for four years - was excited about the opportunity to see his son work out with the Redskins.

“To be at Redskins Park, this is kinda cool", Joe said. "His sister is going to be so-ooo jealous.”

KEEN, now in its 16th year, offers young people ages 5-25, the opportunity to participate in weekend sports and recreational activities such as bowling, martial arts, music, and swimming.

The event at Redskins Park also offered the kids an opportunity to build social skills in a team environment.

KEEN executive director, Beata Okulska, said the kids are big fans of the Redskins and couldn’t wait for today’s event.

The services of KEEN, now with facilities in over eight cities to include the DC Metro area, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, are free to families.

“We don’t turn anyone away”, said Okulska. “We now have over two hundred and fifty students”.

The organization is volunteer-based, many of whom are teens and young professionals.

“It’s really a life-changing experience for the volunteers who often times, after they have graduated from high school, come back yearly and continue to volunteer”, said Okulska.

For more info, visit www.Keengreaterdc.org.